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Crypto Whales Predict These 3 Coins Could See 50x In 2023

Bitcoin dropped by over $1000 in the last few hours, and this price decrease has yet again spurred numerous altcoins to hit a new low. Amidst the myriad of altcoins’ price declines, some cryptocurrencies are defying market sentiment. Uwerx is one of these projects currently on presale and has raised over $1 million. Despite the Bitcoin dump, the project keeps progressing on presale and is doing massive numbers.

Similarly, Ripple and Monero are two other tokens surviving the storm. And they could be valuable additions to your portfolio.

Ripple(XRP) Sees Minor Gains.

Fuelled by the recent developments with unresolved SEC case, Ripple(XRP) is one of the few tokens that has seen some increases following Bitcoin’s current price dumps. The token increased by about 3% in the past 24 hours and presently trades above $0.45. XRP has been fighting to win the SEC case for months, as the lawsuit has constantly caused the XRP tokens to decline. Investors are enthusiastic about XRP’s recent increase, and the token could be a worthy buy in the long term.

Monero(XMR) Leads Privacy Coins.

Similarly, the Monero(XMR) token has seen some gains in the past 24 hours, choosing to revolt against Bitcoin’s negative price movements. Aside from leading in privacy supremacy, Monero(XMR) is also doing well in price actions. Monero, having had its numerous battles in the past, is holding the forte quite well and could be a decent buy for the coming bull run. The XMR token is $0.12% higher today and trades at $151.5.

Uwerx(WERX) Is The Biggest Invention Of 2023

Uwerx is a new crypto project that recently began presale. It is a project looking to launch on the Ethereum blockchain and transform the freelance industry. For many freelancers, 2023 will likely be a year of growth. The remote work culture reminds us that work continues even if hiring is suspended. 78% of businesses, according to Fiverr, reveal they will rely on freelancing in 2023 rather than hiring more full-time workers.

Uwerx is a new crypto project that aims to contribute to the accessibility of these companies to more freelancers. In addition, the platform will offer better services for freelancers to get better experiences. Uwerx will optimize freelancing for individuals by providing unique solutions like low fees, more job opportunities, higher efficiency, incentives, and more. The Uwerx Alpha version launched yesterday, after which feedback will be taken, and the beta version launch will take effect.

The platform is closer to its final launch now than ever and now is the best time to invest while the presale is still on. The WERX token is on its Stage 4 presale, and tokens are available at $0.0225 with a 20% bonus offer for those who buy in early. The presale is the best possible low-entry point; missing out on such opportunities would be a loss. Buy your WERX tokens on presale with the links below.

Find out more about Uwerx here:





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