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Despite Market Downturn, Injective (INJ) Shines with VC Spectra (SPCT)

Injective (INJ) and VC Spectra (SPCT) have managed to stand out and shine amidst a market downturn, thanks to Injective’s strategic integration with Trust Wallet and VC Spectra’s continued success in attracting investors with the potential for significant returns. Let’s cover the recent events in regards to INJ and SPCT to discover what has helped these tokens stand the shaky ground of the ongoing bear market.


Injective (INJ): Surging To New Heights Amidst Market Volatility

On August 17, 2023, Trust Wallet, one of the largest non-custodial wallets, announced its integration with the Injective (INJ) mainnet. This integration enables Trust Wallet users to effortlessly connect with native dApps and products within the Injective (INJ) ecosystem.

Moreover, Trust Wallet now supports direct storage, transfer, and staking of Injective (INJ) tokens. The collaboration between Trust Wallet and Injective (INJ) signifies a notable advancement for both platforms, as it grants users improved accessibility to the Injective (INJ) ecosystem.

Following the announcement, the price of Injective (INJ) witnessed a 4.29% surge from $7.00 to $7.30 within 24 hours. Despite the highly volatile market conditions, Injective’s (INJ) upward price momentum persisted as the price climbed from $7.30 to $7.92, marking an 8.49% price increase between August 18 and August 20.

Many crypto experts believe the partnership further strengthens Injective’s (INJ) position as a prominent layer 1 blockchain. They believe Injective (INJ) will embark on a bullish run when the broader crypto market fully recovers.

VC Spectra (SPCT) Shatters Expectations With An Astonishing 220% ROI

VC Spectra (SPCT) continues to impress investors with its astonishing 220% ROI, having raised $2.4 million in its private seed sale.

This decentralized hedge fund provides users with quarterly dividends and buybacks based on the profits generated from their investments. Users also gain access to exclusive initial coin offerings (ICOs) during the seed/private sale phase and receive voting rights.

The VC Spectra token (SPCT) is a BRC-20 standard token utilized for various functions on the Spectra platform, including exchange, decentralized trading, asset management, and transaction fees. It is built on the Bitcoin blockchain and features a deflationary model that gradually reduces the token supply over time through a burn mechanism.

VC Spectra (SPCT) experienced a significant surge on August 17, rising to $0.025, which was the Stage 3 price. It is important to note that this surge occurred while the token was still in Stage 2 of its public presale. Investors who participated in Stage 1 have already enjoyed a remarkable gain of 212.5%. Similarly, Stage 2 investors have seen their investment grow by 127.27%.

For those considering purchasing VC Spectra (SPCT) tokens at the current price of $0.025, it’s worth noting that they stand to benefit from an impressive surge of 220% by the end of the presale, at which point VC Spectra (SPCT) is projected to reach $0.08.

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