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Shiba Memu and Solana Price Predictions: Distilling the Forecast for 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is disrupting industries across the board—and blockchain technology is looking like the next industry on the list. New projects are fighting tooth and nail to be at the forefront and carry the torch for AI adoption according to crypto trends. In the lucrative meme coin market, no other project incorporates the sophistication of artificial intelligence like Shiba Memu—a new project that automatically markets itself using AI.

Projects like Shiba Memu are ready to outshine established protocols like Solana. In fact, based on crypto trends, analysts are forecasting that Shiba Memu price predictions will outperform Solana price predictions in 2024. And it can happen as soon as the Shiba Memu presale concludes and launches. Here’s why.

What is Shiba Memu (SHMU)?

Shiba Memu is leading the charge of a new generation of AI-powered cryptocurrencies, with the newcomer pioneering its use in the meme coin market. Meme coins, despite their “moon” potential, require a constant stream of hype and engagement in the form of content creation across platforms. As many as 99% of meme coins fade into obscurity after the hype dies down and their 15 minutes of fame are over.

The trouble is that meme coins tank in value when the marketing stops and interest dies down. That’s what separates Shiba Memu from its competitors. Shiba Memu isn’t just another meme coin to trade or to merely “possess.” Shiba Memu is revolutionizing the meme coin market by using AI to inform its marketing strategy.

Shiba Memu scours the internet for mentions about its project or its SHMU native token, formulating insights derived from the data it gathers. Then, through advanced sentiment analysis, Shiba Memu produces and distributes highly-targeted content across online platforms, promoting SHMU, driving buy pressure, and reaching new audiences that might be aligned with the project’s ambition. It constantly creates and distributes content, sustaining the interest needed for long-term success using AI to maintain a stable price and robust fundamentals.

How does the SHMU token work?

Shiba Memu operates its AI-informed marketing efforts using SHMU, the protocol’s native token. SHMU is deflationary in nature, meaning its token supply will diminish over time to support healthy price action and ensure token supply is commensurate to the demand. By nature, SHMU is designed to go to the moon.

SHMU tokens enable holders to engage with the Shiba Memu AI interface. The dashboard shows the ongoing marketing campaigns across online and social platforms. Users will be able to provide input to the AI for SHMU token rewards, incentivizing users and helping improve the algorithm’s performance over time.

The native token will also provide DeFi and staking opportunities for passive income, giving it another layer of utility. Shiba Memu, in essence, is a marriage of the best aspects of meme coin virality and relatability with the cutting edge of AI.

Shiba Memu price prediction: 2024

Because of Shiba Memu’s unique value proposition—that of being among the pioneering meme coins tapping into AI crypto trends—SHMU price predictions look bullish in 2024. As it stands, Shiba Memu’s crypto presale has already raised $3.8m within just 16 weeks since its launch.

The Shiba Memu presale features progressive daily price increases, enabling early investors to profit by as much as 240%. Feel left out? Don’t be—latecomers are still early to the party. Due to popular demand, Shiba Memu has extended its presale to 120 days, giving ample time for new investors to load up their bags for the moon mission.

The daily presale mechanism has increased the SHMU token price from $0.011125 to $0.03475, representing a total increase of 212.36% since the presale first launched. The Shiba Memu presale will run until the daily price increases top out at $0.0379.

Shiba Memu is redefining the whole meme coin market with its innovative use of AI. Not surprisingly, crypto observers have high hopes for Shiba Memu ahead of the anticipated 2025 bull run fuelled by the 2024 Bitcoin halving event. By 2024, SHMU token prices could hit $0.50 or $0.65, making the Shiba Memu presale among the best crypto presales to join in 2023.

What is Solana (SOL)?

Solana is a Layer-1 smart contract platform that first made waves in 2021 when it hit all-time highs of $260 per SOL token. It was among the prominent members of a new generation of Layer-1 blockchains called “Ethereum Killers” due to their ability to correct the scalability, throughput, and transaction fee problems that Ethereum possesses.

Solana, with its SOL token, enables the development of scalable decentralized apps with low fees and near-instant transaction finality. Solana has since become a thriving hotbed for decentralized finance apps, with the Total Value Locked on the protocol amounting to $334 million. The platform’s SOL token also enables holders opportunities to stake their holdings for passive yield. The token also serves as the primary governance token of Solana.

Solana price prediction: 2024

Solana price predictions were subject to a massive correction after the unprecedented collapse of what was then the second-largest crypto exchange in the world—FTX—in late 2022.

As a result, the Solana price has fallen precipitously from $260 to around $20 as of this writing. Solana price predictions aren’t looking up ahead of the bull run—in fact, Solana prices have been recovering at a slow pace. Hitting anywhere close to $200 in 2024 is a pipe dream. More likely, it looks like Solana will move sideways until the end of 2024, where it should gain some momentum around the $50-$75 mark ahead of the 2025 bull run.

Should you buy Solana (SOL) or Shiba Memu (SHMU) in 2023?

Solana price predictions for 2024 pale in comparison to Shiba Memu’s for 2024, making Shiba Memu an infinitely better option to accumulate in 2023 and 2024—just before the next bull market takes hold.

It combines the virality of meme coins and their explosive potential with the unparalleled advantage of AI, making the Shiba Memu presale a can’t-miss prospect for growth-focused investors. Shiba Memu looks very bullish in 2024 and beyond and is objectively better positioned than Solana to reap the benefits of emerging crypto trends in AI.

Find out how to buy SHMU here.

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