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Pepe (PEPE) Price Explodes After Binance Listing News: Is Uwerx (WERX) Next as Presale Surges?

The rise of Pepe (PEPE) in the crypto market has been phenomenal. With the recent listing on Binance, the price of Pepe (PEPE) has exploded, leading to widespread excitement in the crypto community.

Investors are also focusing on Uwerx, which is currently in its fourth presale phase. The blockchain-based freelancing platform has already generated significant interest from investors.

With its unique features and strong team, it could be poised for success. In this article, we’ll discuss the characteristics of Pepe (PEPE) and Uwerx and explore what their future looks like.

Pepe (PEPE): Fast-Growing Meme Coin Platform

Pepe (PEPE) is the latest meme coin to skyrocket in value and grab the crypto community’s attention. It is based on “Pepe the Frog” by artist Matt Furie.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is now ranked second, and Pepe (PEPE) is now third. The market value of Pepe (PEPE) increased dramatically to $1.2 billion, reaching a record-high price of $0.00000167. The decentralized Uniswap v2 and v3 exchange, KuCoin, OKX,, Bybit, MEXC, LBank, and Bybit are just a few of the businesses where PEPE is now traded.

The announcement of Pepe Coin’s launching on Binance has caused its price to rise to $0.00000276 as of this writing. According to different analyses, the cost of Pepe (PEPE) is expected to reach $0.0001 by Q4 2024.

There’s no doubt that Pepe (PEPE) has broken records in the crypto market with its feats. However, we firmly believe Uwerx will make more waves than Pepe (PEPE).

Uwerx’s presale is gaining massive traction, and investors are pumping funds into the presale. Its platform has over 3,500 users, and its first three presale phases have sold out in record time. Uwerx’s first ICO sold out in 17 days, while the second and third stages sold out in 8 days each.

With Uwerx’s jaw-dropping feats, we firmly believe it’ll outshine Pepe (PEPE) and several other tokens on the market.

Uwerx (WERX): Building the Future of Freelancing

Uwerx has generated a buzz in the crypto market with its presale. The project has implemented several measures to make the platform one of the best. Uwerx aims to provide freelancers and investors with better opportunities to generate wealth.

One of Uwerx’s distinctive features is its subsidized transaction fee of 1%. Due to Uwerx’s use of blockchain technology, it’ll provide the best possible security and stability.

Furthermore, Uwerx has passed audits by InterFi Network and SolidProof. The contracts will also be renounced when all taxes are zero and before Uwerx launches on centralized exchanges.

Uwerx is currently listed on CoinSniper, and a listing on Uniswap will follow by the 1st of August. Several unique innovations, like the release of an alpha platform, are set to follow soon.

By joining the ongoing fourth round of WERX’s presale, investors will have nothing to lose. Each token is worth $0.012, and 20% bonuses apply to every purchase. And by May 10th, at 18:00 UTC, WERX’s price rose to $0.0225. After the presale, WERX tokens will be on a 25-year liquidity lock to reduce the risk of a rug pull.

In addition, investors can leverage the Uwerx Vault, which operates like the staking mechanism, to store their tokens for varying tokens.

Some modifications have been made to accommodate the increasing adoption of Uwerx. The presale token allocation has been increased to 57% to allow investors to purchase as many tokens as possible. Additionally, 7% of the total token supply is allocated to the founding team as a sign of commitment.

Furthermore, Uwerx’s partnership incentives have also been reduced to 3.5% following the data obtained from partnering companies. The user-performance bonuses have also been reduced to 6.5% to prevent long-term downward selling pressure.

In addition, the joining bonuses have increased to 6.5% to attract more users and investors. During the fourth presale stage, 77,500,000 are available for sale, and during the fifth presale, 72,500,000 will be available.

However, some facts, like the hard-cap presale end date, remain unchanged. Uwerx has made so much progress in the last month, and more developments are expected shortly.

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