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News – Ripple is Set to Build Hong Kong CBDC, whereas Uwerx is Set to Diversify Freelancing

Leading cryptocurrency payment company, Ripple, decided to join the e-HKD (electronic Hong Kong Dollar) program. The monetary authority of Hong Kong intends to run the pilot program to assess the potential applicability, use cases, and acceptance of virtual HKD.

Several financial, technical, and payment firms will take part in the projected program in the initial stages. Ripple will focus on the tokenized assets’ settlement using professional expertise and experience. Hong Kong can easily become the pioneer of digital currency with e-HKD.

More companies will join the project upon successful piloting of primary parts. Ripple’s participation effectively proves its capability to undertake centralized tasks, creating a buzz in communities as leading crypto networks are increasingly involved in digital currencies.

The well-established company will incorporate new assets, but Uwerx will incorporate new trends, rush, and growth. Uwerx has become the ultimate choice of investors with massive inbound potential.

Why Does Uwerx Matter So Much?

The freelancing industry, or the gig economy continues to thrive since the 2010s exponentially. More people are trying to live an independent careers by remote working as it provides flexibility like no other. That’s why a considerable increase took place in the market, workers, hiring, and attention.

Nearly half of the adult US population is expected to become freelancers by 2026. And the majority of the workers intend to remain within the remote working context. Many businesses and potent startups are comfortable with home working, speeding up the hiring process of remote workers.

But they often face undesired issues like high transaction fees, accounts banishment due to breaches, or downright tiresome tasks. Uwerx is the perfect answer to all these issues at once. Freelancers won’t face security troubles, cutthroat fees, or dull/monotonous/depressing assignments.

The platform establishes a steadfast connection between freelancers and crypto investors/enthusiasts. Its native token, WERX, will cover the larger share of expenses to set the transaction fee low. Uwerx charges only a 1% transaction fee on every contract, the lowest in the freelancing industry.

InterFi Network and SolidProof have conducted successful audits, ensuring maximum network security for client use. There are advanced features like incentivization to keep a freelancer engaged and motivated for tasks. That is, too, without taking similar assignments all the time.

Uwerx integrates some of the best features with second-to-none facilities to alter the trends in the gig economy. And it surely has everything to attract freelancers from the world’s furthest corners. It means many independent workers will be introduced to the crypto space.

Uwerx (WERX) Performance and Potential

Each token now sells at $0.041 with a 15% bonus on every purchase made by new customers. After completing the initial stages with the utmost success, the presales are in their fourth stage. The scheduled closing date for the presales is July 2023.

An Alpha version with landing and signup pages is also live from May 19, 2023. Uniswap is about to list WERX by August 01, 2023. Listing to a centralized platform will trigger contract renouncement, reducing tax worries or vague transactions.

One Twitter poll suggested a Test Airdrop with tokens to measure the possible investors’ response. The next poll revealed the willingness to Team Lock the tokens before July 31. But an official announcement for the date is yet to be published.

Some of the changes in the five token allocations will follow the ones mentioned below:

  • Presale: A rise to 57% from 45% to renew confidence.
  • Founding Team: A reduction to 7% from 8% to prioritize user benefits.
  • Partnership incentives: A reduction to 3% from 7.5% after reviewing new information.
  • User performance incentives: A decrease to 6.5% from 15%.
  • Joining incentives: An increase to 6.5% from 4.5% to attract more users.

Exceptionally high response from investors, freelancers, and traders let Uwerx reach 5000+ signups. Its Telegram community also consists of 1000+ members with noticeable Twitter followers.

Join the hyped presales to continue success with either of the following links –





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