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Metacade vs GFAL Price: Which Could Be the Top Crypto to Buy for 2024?

The GameFi crypto sector has really started to heat up in 2023, with new Web3 gaming projects coming to the fore and offering gamers more choice than ever. Two of those vying to be the top crypto to buy for 2024 in the final weeks of this year are Metacade and Games for a Living (GFAL).

At first glance, both platforms look to have a valid claim for consideration as the top crypto to buy in the GameFi sector. But if you dig a little deeper, many reasons are pushing one of these contenders to the top spot. Read on to find out more

Metacade’s public beta launch: Plotting its way to the top

There’s a lot to get excited about in the world of Metacade right now. Since completing its $16.4 million ICO earlier in 2023, Metacade has gone from strength to strength in its bid for primacy in the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming sector..

An exciting moment in the Metacade story occurred on 28th November, with the platform launching its long-awaited public beta. This is a big deal for investors and gamers, who will both benefit from the growth of the platform. Interested parties can gain a free tourist pass that grants time-limited access to Metacade’s games and features before having the chance to subscribe for continuing full access for as little as $4 per month.

The Metacade team also benefits substantially from this news, as Metacade aims to expand its community, a key pillar of its route to market. New games, platform features, and functionality can be tested with a broader audience. In this way, they have promoted the first games developed in partnership with MetaStudio, such as Rune Realms, to a wider audience.

Those outside the community can now “try before they buy.” With such a comprehensive offering available to new members, this could be a stroke of marketing genius by the mind behind Metacade’s operation and help propel the platform toward its goal of becoming one of the best cryptos in 2024 to invest in. As Metacade increases its appeal to a wider audience of gamers, the MCADE token will likely only increase in value, thus increasing its appeal to serious investors.

New MCADE staking pool creates new investment opportunities

In addition to this exciting public beta launch, Metacade has recently launched a new staking pool designed to create a flurry of recent investment activity. The original staking pool closed on 7th October 2023, and the new one, which quickly followed, has seen 500 million newly released MCADE tokens.

This new pool offers investors another chance to get involved with one of this year’s most exciting and potentially profitable crypto journeys while allowing existing investors to boost their shareholdings.

New investors can use a lifetime Metacader pass that offers early access to exciting new features in the Metacade ecosystem. At the same time, those who choose to stake their MCADE tokens can look forward to earning a fantastic 25% APY. To ensure that any excess MCADE tokens at the end of the pool don’t flood the market, Metacade will burn them to maintain token scarcity.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is more than a simple GameFi platform; it’s a hub where like-minded enthusiasts come together to live the crypto gaming experience, not just participate.

With Metacade aspiring to become the first community-led P2E blockchain gaming platform that caters to gaming fans of all interests, it is already building a formidable library of titles to attract the broadest possible church of gamers. Some of these titles include Ember Sword, Heroes Holdem, and Great Escape.

Alongside the enticing and wide-ranging number of titles, this virtual gaming arcade also brings multiple extensive rewards and revenue-generating schemes to the platform. Users can gain MCADE tokens in exchange for contributions to the community through online competitions and, starting in 2024, new Web3 career opportunities.

Metacade has invested heavily in building an unbreakable rapport with its community while transforming the crypto-gaming industry. To that end, investors and users can participate in regular AMAs online with the project team to best understand this budding GameFi giant’s plans and roadmap to achieving them.

What is GFAL, and how does it work?

GFAL is a Web3 gaming platform launched in 2021 to improve upon the wider gaming industry while introducing the potential of Web3 gaming to a broader audience. With a leadership team boasting decades of experience in gaming, GFAL launched its first crypto token in March 2023.

The token is part of the platform’s first gaming title, Elemental Raiders, and the native GFAL token also has plenty of incentives. Users can benefit depending on how they choose to use the token on the platform and in games, with applications in Web3 game tools and the online marketplace offering developers and players a stake in the platform’s overall governance.

Among the GFAL leadership team are former executives from big gaming studios such as Activision and Blizzard King and one of the founders of Electronic Arts. With such expertise behind it, it’s no wonder many outsiders see GFAL as a contender to be the top crypto to buy for huge returns in 2024. Yet, industry experts are wondering whether it can eclipse Metacade.

MCADE vs. GFAL: Which has the most potential for gains in 2024?

Metacade and GFAL are on an upward trajectory as 2023 draws to a close, with GFAL trading well above its launch price of $0.00057 and showing no signs of slowing down.

Conversely, Metacade’s road to its current trading value of around $0.018 has been bumpier this year, yet it is Metacade that shows the most promise going into 2024. With the price increasing by more than 300% since the end of October 2023, it is showing significantly more bullish behavior.

The public beta launch is projected to impact the growth of Metacade’s community significantly. At the same time, the new staking pool will dramatically increase its liquidity and market cap. By the end of this pool, investors can anticipate significant surges in the value of their MCADE tokens. Metacade’s aim to become one of the top cryptos to buy for profits next year will likely be achieved as a result of this increase in value.

So, if you’re seeking a new crypto investment likely to run over the coming months and years, Metacade is probably the best choice as a long-term GameFi investment.

To buy Metacade (MCADE), visit the official Metacade website.

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