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Divi Wallet Announces Launch Of Multiple New Updates

Divi Wallet will today onboard multiple new features to increase its user-friendliness and accessibility to the mainstream audience.

Of importance, the wallet will grant users 100% control and ownership of their digital assets, hence making it a self-custodial wallet. The app provides this advantage without any compromises on security and user experience, placing it well above custodial wallets.

Additionally, the new features improve the experience of both DeFi and Trade-Fi. Users will be able to buy cryptos such as BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, and USDC directly through wire transfer, credit, and debit cards, and select US bank accounts.

Moreover, Divi Wallet will now allow its users to convert their crypto holdings to any of the over 270 supported crypto coins. The wallet will support multiple crypto transfer routes including between Divi wallets, between a Divi wallet and an external wallet, and between two external wallets.

Even better is that users won’t have to convert their digital assets when transferring them to other wallets, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), or cross-chain. This greatly saves on time, energy, and gas fees demanded in multiple transfers.

Of note, Divi stands out in terms of transaction rates when compared to the financial service providers Simplex, Transak, and Moonpay. The platform can only be equated to ACH when it comes to wire transfers and payments.

Of note, Divi wallet’s creator, Divi Labs is behind the new update. The firm specializes in decentralized payment systems with the goal of increasing crypto accessibility, and usability in order to bring inclusivity and financial freedom.

Nick Saponaro echoed this mission in his remarks on the latest updates:

If we’re to bring the mainstream user onboard, it’s critical we remove the barriers to entry and as much friction as possible between the old and new worlds of finance. Our solution brings together the best of both. You get the user experience and compliance of a fintech with the self-custody of decentralized finance.”

In the near future, Divi Labs plans on incorporating NFT support into the wallet so that users can store all their digital assets in one place. The firm also plans on launching a DeFi feature that will enable users to participate in liquidity pools on DEXs such as Uniswap, other than facilitating decentralized governance.

Divi Labs will be launching these new wallet capabilities jointly with its partner LaLiga in a thrilling show at the Accor Stadium, Sydney. The event will occur during half-time in the match between FC Barcelona and Team A-League, as a way to celebrate the first time Spanish football legends play in the country. Divi will also unleash several surprises to the audience which is expected to top 80,000.

All the pieces are now in place to make crypto as accessible and usable as possible. But it’s much more than that. It is the culmination of years of hard work, coordination, perseverance, and fortitude by the team and puts in place the infrastructure required for rapid growth,” Saponaro added.

Divi Wallet is currently available to users on Android and iOS app stores.

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