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SafeDEX Crypto Exchange — More Than A Decentralized Exchange

SafeDEX is a decentralized exchange that enables users to gain access to the most traded tokens, including SaveGram’s native ecosystem token $GRAM. The competitive advantage of SafeDEX is that it follows the same recipe as the most recognized Decentralized Exchanges likeUniSwap, Curve, PancakeSwap, and SushiSwap, plus it adds an incentivization twist for users. Whether the userbase is stakers, liquidity providers, or traders, everyone gets access to unique, additional benefits from its services.

Traders and users alike can also gain from SafeDex’s revolutionary VIP SFтм (Self-Funding) Pools and VIP ILPTM (Impermanent Loss Proof) Pools that are backed up by the SafeGram tech, in addition to other high-yield staking pools, reflective pools, VIP pools, and more. The SafeDEX platform also supports trading bots.

$GRAM holders are highly incentivized with huge staking benefits including ultra-low fees accrued during the process of swapping, adding, and removing staking pools. An almost non-existent fee for qualified holders creates a favorable environment for high-volume transactions in the SafeDEX, further pushing the ecosystem to the top.

In addition to the previously mentioned incentives, 50% of rewards are generated from various fees, be it the swapping, adding, or removing fees for staking pools on the DEX returns to qualified LPs and stakers. Additionally, 50% of fee revenue from SafeGram Send Money also goes back to SafeDEX LPs and Stakers. This is the same with SafeStarter where a part of the revenue goes back into the SafeDEX platform. However, there are also a lot of incentives to accumulate, HODL, and stake the $GRAM token based on the above-listed incentives together with the benefits of staking $GRAM with launchpad and SafeGram would be your preference.

SafeDEX’s success is supplemental to another big pillar in the ecosystem, the SafeStarter launchpad — which brings new projects to the SafeGram ecosystem pushing further the case for IDO incentives for $GRAM holders. The launchpad involves partner launchpad projects making sure there are opportunities for holders and stakers to build up to $GRAM positions.

It should be noted that with the three solutions developing in the same period, SafeGram aims at using powerful incentives to support the userbase with such an effective set of tools and platforms. This begins with SafeGram Send Money Services(SSMS), which enables users to receive funds from crypto around the world coming in a quite usable and decentralized manner. The period to impact the market was spearheaded by the monopoly of Western Union and MoneyGram which are the two foremost industry giants when it comes to remittance at the international level — which provides unfavorable terms on individuals sending funds around the world by charging unfair fees and requesting high levels of personal and sensitive details from their customers.

In accordance with the world bank reports, remittances internationally have grown by 7.3% around the globe since 2021. However, if that remains the case, centralized services would benefit so much from a monopolized way of conducting business and this would occur at the expense of the average hard-working person who can barely afford to send money to people they care for. Blockchain technology is the game-changer in this industry and via SafeGram’s product offers new implementations moving forward, that will change the remittance service for the better. And SafeDEX as part of SafeGram’s ecosystem will be empowered even more gaining a more significant market share. And this eventually will cause a positive effect in the crypto space.

About SafeGram

SafeGram is a secure, efficient, and complete DeFi ecosystem offering a whole suite of tools including, SafeGram Money services (Remittance), SafeDEX a Decentralized AMM Exchange including SafeStarter (LP), allowing users to access everything through one platform and with one token to not only access multiple services but augment them.

SafeGram’s revolutionary Crypto-to-Fiat Bridge, powered by SafeGram Tech, is the backbone of the SafeGram Send Money Services (SSMS), empowering both digital transfers but also physical to digital transfers of funds from a bank account within the same day, and in many instances within seconds! The technology also provides the capability to pick up cash via ATMs planned to be deployed around the world.

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