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PlanetNFT Debuts Token Sale on the P2PB2B Exchange

The token sale for PlanetNFT will begin on the P2PB2B exchange on May 25th. Users will also receive a 5% bonus when purchasing PNFT.

The tokens, as well as joining the project’s community, can be acquired until June 14th. Following the token sale, the P2PB2B exchange will list the token. In the meantime, here’s an overview of the project.

About PlanetNFT

Artists, brands, and enterprises can use PlanetNFT to gain access to platforms and resources that will assist them in entering the blockchain sphere. This platform gives them a marketplace to sell their products on the blockchain as well as a location to innovate.

It makes no difference if you’re a brand new artist, an established independent artist, or a well-known band/brand/influencer. You may design your own NFT universe, join one of the most active NFT communities, start your own community, and be as creative as you want on the blockchain with PlanetNFT.

What makes it unique?

PNFT has created the “eBay of blockchain” to simplify the process and make it more accessible to the common person:

NFT Launchpad: Anyone interested in making NFTs can use the project’s Launchpad, which features an easy-to-use user interface. Without any coding or artistic talents, you can still launch your own NFT.

NFT Marketplace: The Binance Chain powers the NFT Marketplace. The project has a cross-chain solution that enables providing the greatest user experience.

NFTs on any blockchain: The company’s goal is to create a decentralized NFT trading platform that allows anybody to buy, sell, and trade NFTs on a variety of blockchains.

PNFT Meta Nodes: The PNFT Network is a decentralized blockchain-based application. Users like you and your peers contribute to the network by running $PNFT Meta Nodes, which are licensed through a BSC smart contract-based founding node scheme.

PNFT Staking: Users can use the Proof of Stake (POS) algorithm to stake their $PNFT tokens on the Binance Smart Chain; the number of tokens mined is dependent on the quantity of staked $PNFT tokens. The technology calculates tokens and deposits them immediately into the user’s wallet.

Farming PNFT Tokens: PNFT Tokens can be utilized to generate passive revenue. Tokens are given out based on the number of transactions and the project’s development. They can be swapped and traded on PNFT’s internal DEX as well as public exchanges such as the Pancake Swap liquidity pool.

$PNFT Token is a new type of cryptocurrency that is deflationary and simple to use. Users can store and manage data in a secure decentralized environment protected by encryption using $PNFT tokens. Its smart contract platform allows users to share their data with trusted third parties while also ensuring that smart contracts are enforced reliably.

Participate in the P2PB2B PNFT token sale and be a part of the community! Remember to follow PlanetNFT on social media as well:

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