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Mega Whale Sells $8.43 Million Stash To Invest In Crypto’s Biggest ICO Since Ethereum

An anonymous giant crypto whale has reportedly sold his holdings, equivalent to $19.5 million, amidst a disappointing bear run. The whale appears to have invested a substantial portion of the sale into ETFSwap (ETFS), crypto’s biggest ICO since Ethereum (ETH).

Crypto Whale Sells All Assets After A Disappointing Trading Season

A crypto whale has sold all their assets after a seemingly frustrating trading season. According to data provided by popular analytics platform Lookonchain on its X (formerly Twitter) account, the anonymous whale sold all of their Ethereum (ETH), Optimism (OP), and Arbitrum (ARB) holdings at a go for a loss of an estimated $8.43 million.

The data shows that the whale wallet sold $19.5 million worth of ETH at $2,903, losing $6.45 million. They also sold $1.06 million worth of OP at $2.48, losing $902,000, and finally sold ARB worth $882,000 at $0.98, losing $1.08 million. At press time, data on CoinGecko shows that Ethereum (ETH) trades for $2.927.41, Optimism (OP) trades for $2.56, and Arbitrum (ARB) trades for $1.00.

Currently, it appears that the whale has invested a colossal amount from the proceeds of his sale into the trending Ethereum-based ETFSwap (ETFS) platform. This decision could be attributed to the platform’s unique features and the positive momentum it has been gathering lately.

Bullish ETFSwap (ETFS) ICO Continues To Attract Ethereum Investors

After recently emerging into the limelight, the ETFSwap (ETFS) platform has shown noticeable signs that it is here to stay. With a presale that has attracted numerous investors like the anonymous giant whale in a relatively short time, it appears to be crypto’s biggest ICO since Ethereum (ETH).

ETFSwap (ETFS) is a decentralized finance (DeFi) network that aims to facilitate the smooth trading and investment of institutional exchange-traded funds (ETFs). It achieves this by providing an infrastructure that enables users and investors to trade a long list of tokenized ETFs and cryptocurrencies easily in a one-stop shop.

The DeFi platform leverages blockchain technology’s renowned reliability, decentralization, immutability, transparency, and efficiency to provide users and investors with accurate on-chain transactions and data.

ETFSwap’s (ETFS) innovative environment is designed to make trading sessions fun and interactive. With services such as market-making and perpetual futures, users and investors are provided with liquidity and flexibility, which allows them to engage in trading activities proficiently.

Investors can access the ETFSwap (ETFS) platform quickly and easily, as the utility-based platform does not require user KYC verification. Therefore, users are assured of smooth trading without the meddling of third parties such as banks and regulated bodies.

The ETFSwap (ETFS) ICO, a potential game-changer in the crypto world, is still selling fast for only $0.00854 in its presale Stage 1. With the presale Stage 2 set to sell for $0.01831, reflecting an exciting price surge of over 100%, this platform presents an exceptional investment opportunity that could potentially yield significant returns.

Investors can be assured of secured assets on ETFSwap (ETFS) because CyberScope, a leading auditing firm, has conducted a comprehensive audit of its unique ecosystem, yielding superb results.

With the renowned global management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) predicting asset tokenization to become a trillion-dollar industry by 2030, investing in the ETFSwap ecosystem now could be a lucrative opportunity. Early investors stand to gain substantial returns, making this an attractive option.

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