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Blitz Labs Is Creating A One-Stop-Shop Solution For Cross-Chain Activities

Blitz Labs, a Web3 collective platform is building a one-stop cross-chain shop allowing users to conveniently complete all their activities under one roof.

Blitz Labs’ shop will comprise different tools, products, and services that will help grow its ecosystem. These will include, BLITZSale, BLITZLOCK, BLITZA2E, BLITZSWAP, BLITZSENDER, and BLITZBRIDGE. All these will be available for the least fees possible. The project seeks to use these cross-chain tools to make basic crypto activities such as participating in presales, bridging, exchanging tokens, and more as simple as possible by eliminating the unnecessary complexity.

BLITZSale will be the first project to be launched under the Blitz Las brand. BLITZSale is a decentralized Launchpad developed to allow users to create their token, kick start a new project, and raised capital by making use of the cross-chain presale services. BLITZSale provides other features such as assisting users with the overall token launch. These features include helping users with the listing of their tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEX), adding a vesting period for team tokens, and locking liquidity.

Notably, BLITZSale is scheduled to be launched in two phases. The first phase entails the launch of a Launchpad.  In phase 2 of launch, BLITZSale will provide advisory services, full-stack development, and multi-service support like tokenomics, marketing, leadership, contracts, and support. During this phase, users will have access to a valuable knowledgeable team that will assist off-chain businesses to bridge over.

Second is the BLITZLOCK product, a decentralized safeguard developed to allow the use of lock liquidity tokens or ERC20 team tokens. The product will have the option of adding a vesting period to users’ tokens.

The third product in the Blitz Labs brand is BLITZSWAP, a decentralized exchange aggregator with advanced features, cross-chain compatibility, user-friendly, and fast transactions.  BLITZSWAP uses algorithmic routing technology to ensure trades are executed at the best possible price providing users with the competitive advantage they need.

BLITZSENDER is a decentralized cross-chain multi sender allowing users to send numerous tokens to multiple addresses by automatically batching the transfers. Last is BLITZBRIDGE, a quick, low-cost, and dependable framework designed for exchanging value and data between blockchain networks.

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